Learn the Workplace Coaching Skills


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We share with you, the coaching techniques to help you to develop and retain staff with high potential and effectively manage more challenging performers.

These Workplace Coaching Skills will require you to speak authentically and confidentially with your staff. It is based on Executive Coaching principles and skills that help managers to quickly align with, motivate, stretch and hold staff accountable for their own results. It is ideally used by managers with staff under 35 years of age.

Executive Coaching is very different from traditional management styles. It does not tell staff what to do, but rather uses specific questioning techniques that challenge staff to assess their own performance, build their emotional intelligence and find their own solutions. Managers who use Executive Coaching techniques, hold staff accountable for their own results. It takes more time initially but the results can be astonishing. Gen Y in particular, respond very positively to this management coaching style and quickly engage.

Executive Workplace Coaching Techniques for Managers

Purpose: Our Executive Workplace Coaching Course and other coaching tools will give you the confidence and techniques to have 1:1 authentic conversations with your high potential Gen Y staff that cut through the noise and take the relationship to a whole new level.  This means understanding what “meaningful work” is to them;  providing feedback on how their skills and attitude are perceived by others; helping them set measurable realistic goals, challenging them to identify what will block their success; guiding them to create their own developmental plan; talking with and coaching them in a way that inspires their confidence and trust in your ability to help them succeed .

Outcomes:  Engaged and inspired Gen Y staff who want to stay in your team and be lead and coached by you to help them develop their potential.

Who is this for? Managers, supervisors, project and team leaders and human resources professionals in office based Professional / Service Industries who are leading high potential Gen Y staff who:  have a willingness and desire to leave a positive and lasting legacy on those they lead; a genuine interest in developing the potential in others and retaining them longer term.

You will start to see your Gen Y staff begin to:

    • Really appreciate your collaborative leadership style
    • Get excited about their future at work
    • Trust you to stand by them as they stretch their skills
    • Come to you with their ideas
    • Proactively seek solutions without your direction
    • Volunteer to step up and take more responsibility
    • Stretch themselves and others to do more
    • Trust their own judgment, skills and take action
    • Carve out new opportunities for themselves at work

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